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Human Trafficking

It is estimated that 8,000,000 children go missing worldwide every year. Please take a moment to reflect on this number (every year!).
A few days ago these two beautiful children went missing in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. [Read More…]

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A note from the Junior Ambassador

Consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been a great stretch of time that we have spent under the strict regulations due the Covid-19 virus. Although the negative effects could have been seen from the start, positive changes are almost out ruling such.

Each community started smaller businesses due to the large retrenchment rates that was enforced by larger organizations. [Read More…]

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Human Trafficking - Arrest made

Applauding our law enforcement agents for a job well done!

Below article relating to an arrest made on 14 April 2021 after the suspect allegedly made himself guilty of human trafficking in Sasolburg. The suspect is to appear in court on 22 April and we will keep you updated on the outcome. 



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Please take a moment to read about the Poaching Tragedy and support these warriors

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Growing Demand for Vulture Heads Threatens the Birds’ Survival in Africa

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