Wildlife Protector NPC 

Counter Human Trafficking as a project:  

One of the foundation pillars of Wildlife Protector is to assist vulnerable individuals that did or potentially may fall prey to human trafficking. This criminal phenomenon is a national and global disaster that is growing rapidly, to the detriment of our children and other vulnerable citizens.  

It is important to bear in mind that human trafficking is a completely different action from kidnapping in that there are three components involved in the execution of such crimes:

·        Act (Recruitment of the victim)

·        Means (Manner in which control is taken over the victim)

·        Purpose (Reason why the specific victim had been selected)  

Apart from the different components, it is important to take note of the variety of role-players involved in human trafficking at large. First and foremost, it comes to mind that an abductor is the main culprit, but in reality, he/she is only one small gear in the larger operation. Photographers, medical professionals, web developers, customers and Government officials are involved to name a few.  

The team of Wildlife Protector is quite clear on the fact that it would be impossible for us to eradicate this heinous crime, but even though one cannot save the world, for those that you can save, it will mean the world. It is our primary focus to create awareness and educate potential victims in a pro-active approach. In the future, Wildlife Protector will roll out a second phase in collaboration with our partner EDNA Africa, where potential victims would be identifiable through a global database of genomes (DNA sequence), enabling law enforcement agencies to trace and recover victims should this atrocity occur.  

Please visit out website regularly to keep updated on the progress of our projects and initiatives.  

One last thought – An array of predators walks amongst us, all races, all genders from all walks of life. Human trafficking is currently the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, expected to surpass drug trafficking.